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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 7, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PST

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rusty nail. beautiful daughters, gracey and abigal. we love these little girls. sharing santa's cookies. he is back behind the scenes. >> keep sending the cards and photos. you can tweet them to us at "fox and friends" first . we'll show them until christmas day. "fox and friends" starts now. ♪ >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it is friday tgif. i am gretchen carlson, thanks for sharing your time with us today. a powerful earthquake sends shock waves through japan one year after a tsunami killed thousands . another sunshine warning in affect. >> steve: that is not good. it is a victory for capitalism
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but not everybody is happy. that is not wisconsin. it is the state of michigan taking on the organized unions. we'll tell you what just happened to the michigan workers. it changes everything. >> brian: really. big government goes to dogs like forcing flood lights in the yard . it is it happening on friday. "fox and friends" starts just about now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. tgif. hopefully you will have a great friday as we move in the weekend. get christmas shopping done and put up the lights and your tree. >> brian: last week of the summer concert series. is it over.
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>> gretchen: break out your snow mobiles. i got ear must haves for you. steve, i have gloves. >> steve: they would match your outfit. >> gretchen: i know. >> steve: you just want to share. it is the season for sharing. >> gretchen: i am a wimp with the gold. i don't like it even though i grew up in minnesota. >> steve: it is winter and it was not cold we would be in trouble. >> brian: we have bad news. >> gretchen: we have a fox news alert. while you were sleeping a magnitude earthquake hit japan and triggered a suence - tunce tsun ami. >> and day after two hunters found two bodies
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can doysens of people held a vigil to remember elizabeth collins and lyric cook . >> this time the law enforcement is confident based on the investigation that the bodies found yesterday are those of lyric cook and elizabeth collins. >> gretchen: a positive id will be made by the medical examiner. more importantly how did they die? they are accused of aiding terrorist and planning weapons of mass destruction and they will come face to face with a judge in florida. they were both from pakistan . they planned an attack with weapons of mass destruction. prince charles is speaking out the first time about becoming a grandfather. >> it is very nice to be a
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grandfather at my age. it is splendid. >> gretchen: what did he say? it was going to be splendid. that is all i got out of it. kate middleton is in the palace right now. after being released from the hospital. she has a long way to go in the pregnancy and the baby not coming until june. there might be a few more thing to through? >> brian: a lot of phony phone calls. >> steve: there is a law over there you can't recall. >> brian: they calling out of the country they are subjected to the law. >> steve: you are saying if we went to britain and robbed a bank because we are from out of town we are okay. >> gretchen: he thought we should attempt to call kensing ton palace. we'll talk politics instead.
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a well known senator who surprisingly decided to resign and gave parting advice when he did. we are talking about senator jim demint. >> it didn't win in south carolina and the republicans that were eec lected run on limited government and less taxes. they shouldn't give in to that and the princele is wrong . the president doesn't have a plan. all it is is a political trophy to the left. we need to do what is good for america. taxing the rich is not going to help the middle class. >> brian: he has four years left on a second term. he's done more for the tea party movement. you talk about marco rubio and senator cruz in texas. >> steve: ram paul.
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>> brian: ram paul. i am stunned he would leave in a position of leadership and a go to guy to go to the heritage foundation. >> steve: the heritage foundation is a think tank and in the u.s. senate he is one of hundred voices and over there he will be taking over the guy. >> gretchen: money is number one. $174,000 as a senator and may not be the insentative and make over a million bucks and he said it was an honor to be asked. if could be frustration, too. look, he believed that could you wantry is facing a spending problem, okay. that's what he believes is the problem . maybe he's frustrated with the fact that the only message that the american people are hearing is that it is a tax increase problem. >> steve: indeed, who would
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take his place. the governor down there nicky haley will appoint somebody. successor could be one of two tea party congressman part of the 20 10. tim scott or mike mullbanny and a wild card is mark stanford former governor could take that job if offered and it will be interesting. >> brian: interesting come back. >> steve: that will be a wild card. >> brian: congressman tim scott is an upand coming star . jimdemint's personal pick. >> steve: jay carny. the fiscal cliff thing. the average person really has no idea what that stands for. if you watch that. >> brian: you much the package. >> steve: no idea. something we learned about in school . i forgot about it.
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jay carny revealed yesterday. gretchen just said it is not a tax problem it is the way they waste our money. jay carny said deficit reduction is not the goal. are you kidding? here he is. >> deficit reduction is not the goal here. the reason to get our fiscal house in order and the reason to pass a deficit reduction package that is balanced and allows for economic growth is to put our economy on a sustainable fiscal path which again, in itself produces positive economic benefits and revenues are part of it this. the president put forth and entitlement reforms and savings gleaned from our health care entitlement programs need to be a part of it. the president has been
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specific about that. >> brian: he's talking about generalitiys about unnamed cuts. jay carny goes on to admit if the president's proposal went to the democratically controlled senate it would not last. 92 where is the leadership. >> brian: running 1.1 trillion. they are unable to pass a budget for the last three years and you probably think that the fiscal cliff would not address these things. >> gretchen: don't you recall that the president said he had no interest in speaking to republicans until they agree to the tax increase on the top two percent wage earners . so that really doesn't. maybe he and jay carny hasn't had meetings. maybe they are not on the same page or maybe it is on purpose. to send out a different message. >> steve: the message in the
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legislate in the great state of michigan was loud and clear. both houses passed bills that makes michigan the 24th right to work state. it would ban manddatory unidues and this is a major blow to organized labor. it is home to united autoworker and it is ford and gm and chrysler and this changes a lot for the people in michigan. >> gretchen: this is a huge epic fight. the idea that michigan is a right to work state. indiana did it 10 months ago as you know. but there is a gop house and i believe the senate is controllled stunningly by republicans and look at this revolt now. this is similar to what we saw in wisconsin . what will happen with the right to work statute. it will eexempt firefighters and police officers and end mandatory dues for public and
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private unions. >> brian: people have choices to check the box. we'll listen to governor rick snyder of michigan. >> in the unions are strong in michigan and they did a lot of good in terms of work issues . people wanted to join the union. but today we give the workers a choice and give them an opportunity to say do we want to belong to the union. i don't see it antiunion. workers should want to join and be part. it is a worker choice . the second thing it is economic development. we watched what went on in indiana. they have seen a significant increase talking about thousands of jobs to their state. >> steve: that's what it is it about. think about the jobs.
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yesterday on the program, 24 hours ago. stewart varney talked about how the city of detroit looking to washington d.c. for a bailout. the city of dedroit only have thee million in the bank. they need a bailout or hand out toward the federal government because they overwhelmingly in wayne county voted for the president of the united states. sounds like they are heading for bankruptcy. >> brian: do you know what your elected officials are doing. passing a bill to ban the word lunatic. >> gretchen: people will not be able to watch and call us that. should we give billions of hard earned american dollars to egypt even though we can't pay our own bills? congressman bucan an said it is amoral. >> the pent depon is preparing
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if you've had enough, ask your dermatologist about enbrel. >> brian: violent protest erupt in egypt overnight. overnight opponents of president mohammed morsi continue to demand that he step down since his power grab last month and back off. officials say at leastt 7 people were killed and more than 600 hurt in the last day or so . now the u.s. members of congress are callog the state department to suspend the two billion that we give egypt claiming that morce yehis men stand with terrorist. yoinning us now is vern bucan
3:17 am
an. thanks for being here. congressman, thanks for being here. you want to see the two billion to be pulled back. >> i am introducing legislation to freeze the two billion. over the 30 years 60 billion and look at what is happening in egypt. they are supporting hamas and pull would their ambassador out of israel. why do we have to buy our friends especially we have concerns here. it is 52 billion in foreign aid. i am going to introduce legislation to freeze the two billion in egypt. >> brian: senator lindsay graham said we are watching you to see what is going on. i am just wondering in the big picture. if we need the leverage in two billion. if we move out that gives iran an opportunity to write the two billion dollar check and be a closer ally as syria goes
3:18 am
off the iranian reservation. >> i was there six months ago in egypt we are hopeful about the arab spring. >> brian: you are hopeful? >> i want to be hopeful. the fact that we are giving them two billion in foreign aid. it needs to be reassessed and frozen. we'll deal with it from there. >> brian: we don't know their agenda and they don't like the agenda and basiclyy takes away all of their rights. is there any way to let them know that american stands for you and your hope for freedom and letting morsi know. you are not getting the check. >> we met with the protestors back there. they want democracy a form of what we have here and not another dictator, that's what it is all about. >> brian: less than two and half weeks ago, the president praised morsi for his role in the gaza crisis.
3:19 am
he wrong and not to peek up now about the power grab writing of that constitution. >> i think we should be speaking up. it is a power grab and why people are in the sleep and i will call for legislation that we freeze the foreign aid until he gets back to common sense. >> brian: when would a slote take place. >> hopefully fairly soon. >> brian: it is great to see you in the studio all the way from florida. thank you so much. >> thank you for the know opportunity. >> is the anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor and no one tells that story like someone who was there. >> after 70 years, u. >> brian: up next a new movie follows our heroes as they return to one of -- that
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>> gretchen: i heard scream then the escalator coming apart. that coming from imacy. it started to collapse want four people fell including two toddlers. everyone survived and a mechanical failure is to blame. demi should tell her less is
3:24 am
more . she was flow flirting with lynnie and demi got more wild. she looks good to me. december 7, 1941. a date which will live in infamy. >> steve: he was right. 71 years ago today. 2400 americans were killed in the surprise japanese attack on the u.s. naval base in pearl harbor, hawaii. last summer a dozen veterans went back to the base where they served and survived. >> at first i thought it was not going to affect me too much. but it is tough to see all of
3:25 am
the misery that was created. >> after 70 years, believe me. >> their entire hon horr and flight documented for a film called back to pearl. joining me is chris hibon who is in the air force and pearl harbor survival. known as cookie cook. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. cookie on the morning of december seventh. you were there in the barracks. you were in the shower getting ready for church. >> that's right. >> where were you? do you remember? >> i right there. >> a bomb went ouv nearby. >> it went off down in here. i was underneath this.
3:26 am
>> you ran out of the building and smart enough to jump underneath a car. >> yes. >> you felt another gi may have saved your life that day. >> i think so. he was in front of me and they dropped the bombs right in here. and the scrap nel hit him first because he was underthe car in front of me. >> steve: you put this movie together. the honor flight. the guys went back to pearl harbor to remember that day and lives. all of the money came out of your pocket. why did you do this? >> simply to say thank you. we owe our lives to them and the way the country is today. there is nothing better than
3:27 am
to let them tour the memorials. >> steve: cookie you alwaysment to meet that guy that you met under the car that day because you would like to talk to him. >> i never knew his name until i went back to pearl and. with the honor flight. jesse higger. the historian had a letter from him . she gave me the letter and that way, now i know who he was. >> steve: because you thank him with yourr life. you owe your life to him for his quick thinking. one thing when you see it in the history books and see the news reels and hear the stories from guys like cookie on that day it changes everything. i watched a portion of your movie. it is so raw for them 70 years
3:28 am
later because they will always have that image. >> i am a combat cameraman and so my jobb is to document history for the military. if i am honored enough to document a little part of what they did back then make its better. >> steve: what does pearl harbor and december scenth mean to you. every year it coms and what do you think much, cookie? >> what does it mean to me? it means that it the start of the war. >> steve: it was and changed everybody's lives. >> right. >> steve: it is an honor to have you here today cookie and chris hibon as well, director of the movie return to pearl. >> steve: it is an honor to meet you, sir. >> thank you. >> steve: state ahead on
3:29 am
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go to ♪ >> steve: the call of the wild. >> gretchen: that is so cute. there is not ever been a duolike 10 month old lex yethe family dog. they are a hit with more than six million viewws on youtube. >> brian: is that a husky? will you write n malmutes are bigger but great with kids >> chris: but again they are a husky dog. >> gretchen: we a pet person coming up in 10 minutes . so she can be talking about
3:34 am
helicopter pets and we can find out. >> brian: one thing about malmes. they are not interested in being watch dogs and don't want to be bothered if they need to restt. >> gretchen: i think you could moon light as a dog expert. >> brian: we had one and kept him eight years. >> steve: somebody else who used to walk down yourr street billy baldwin. >> brian: we called the cops and got him out of there. he was up to no good. >> gretchen: if billy bald win is walking down my street. last thing i would do is call the cops. i would say come on in >> brian: high troubled growing up. >> steve: rightt now we have your headlines for friday morn we are less than two hours away from what is expected to be a lousy jobs report for november. economist expected unemployment rate . percent which is the same as last month and 93,000 jobs are
3:35 am
expected to be created. it is the first report since super storm slandy slammed the northeast. >> gretchen: breathing a relief. pot smokers are alowwed to light up legally for the first time without being sighted. voters legalized marijuana and putting state lieu in contrast with federal law. >> brian: lawmakers making time to on the word lunatic. the republican congressman was the only one who voted no. >> not only should we not eliminate lunatic when the nation on the brink of bankruptcy. we should apply it to anybody who wants to do business as usual in washington.
3:36 am
>> brian: as for congress, the senate is off today which is insane, they should be doing something . the house will be in session for just a few minutes. >> steve: symbolic. meanwhile it is the weapon that could change the face of warfare. boeing championing the missile. it could wipe out targets without damage. test flight going flawlesslyy. it took out the cameras and everything on that. it fantastic. >> steve: the missile used high powered pulses to take out targets and anything electronic aroundd it. caboom it is bad and turns off the tv camera which is what brian is standing in front of. >> brian: sports is awn a two man job. they need someone in the booth and a sideline reporter.
3:37 am
joining us is billy baldwin. a fine lite lite. you had to be up early for "fox and friends". did you watch thursday night football. >> i caught the fourth quarter. >> brian: i am uncomfort wabble with your arm around me. >> against the raiders it is the broncos quarterback and first drive. peyton manning finished for 310 yard and denver won 26-13 eighth win in a row for the broncos. who would have thought. >> brian: is it safe to say he is shaking the rust off. >> yeah. >> brian: ben roethlisberger rode to play he missed three games . he will have extra protection for the game . he will wear a special compression shirt and composit in the shoulder pads that i hear is unbelievable . a miss of politics and the new
3:38 am
york jets. >> jets go to washington, senate majority leader harry reid insulting republicans by comparing the republicans to the jet's quarterback dilemma. what is worse. fiscal cliff. >> coach ryan has a problem. three quarterbacks. sanchez and tim tebow and a guy by the name of alcorroy. he can't decide who is the quarterback going to be. >> brian: minority leadership mitch mcconnel >> no doubt about who the quarterback is on the democratic side it is the president of the united states . unfortunatelyy he keeps throwing interceptions. and we are moving back ward. >> brian: nfl network all
3:39 am
politics. mark san ford will start. he did the sports cast with his hands in the back pocket. since then you are the friend. what is constance up to. >> gretchen: wow, and you get to sit in the center of the couch. >> good to see you. >> gretchen: do you feel an ination. >> brian: that's my normal. >> gretchen: either approximate mine or brian. >> kind of warm and can have they. >> you were going to say small. >> brian: as he said. he has a bigger butt than me. you have something serious though to talk about. not only your great career but something happened in late october that people are forkneting about. >> everybody talked about super storm sandy and all of the sudden is obama get elected and then petraeus and then the fiscal cliff and the
3:40 am
problem with super storm sandy is an ongoing recovery and will take months and year to fully recover . we need to get the media's attention focused because a lot of people are suffering. >> brian: we taped our "fox and friends" chriss mas show that had people affected by sandy and try to help them with releafeffort. staten ilandd and rockk aways as well. >> steve: you are teaming up with other celebrity and offer celebrity experiences where you might have lunchh or go behind the scene to raise thousands for the victims. >> my friend who is a ceo of charity folks has raised 10s of millions from variouss charities in the entire united states. he was focused on helping victims of sandy and have an interesting cross section. selena gomez.
3:41 am
>> gretchen: kim kardashian. >> and going to the next taping of the selena. dinner with my brother alec coming up. >> steve: they have to tip. >> brian: you guys have to tip. >> no. i will take care of the tip. we justt announced that we are having a reunion of the cast of the sopranos . reunion of the cast of the soprannos and money going to the food bank of new jersey and nassau and suffolk county. all the way down to philly and the coastline hit . our friends on long ilandd and statene landd and the rockk aways and long beach hit hard. >> gretchen: how can people trying to get one of these experiences. >> brian: it is a win-win. >> go to charity folks.comand bid on theirr site with the stuff they are auctions. >> brian: what about this.
3:42 am
you could watch the show in bill o'reilly's controll room. that is a celebrity experience. >> there we go. >> steve: yes. i think carl rove is offering a dinner for four which would be interesting. there will be a big concert. billy joe and paul mccartney and banding together in the garden. they put tickets on sale and sold out within minutes and now scalpers out there pocketing thousands of dollars. and the money should go to sandy victims and instead people who are lucky enough to get in on the tickets they are going to be able to make a lot of dough on the backs of the victims. >> i am not sure what you would do about that. if someone said to me you want to go to the concert and the ticket was $150 and you paid $300 from a scalper. but if you paid a $1,000. we need to figure out somebody
3:43 am
in the governor's office to call and report it, to. if they make a small margin that is fine. but hundred for a ticket and you are sold a thousand or 2000 something has to do. >> brian: if you buy it from us. any money over the face value goes to the robinson foundation. >> steve: the new york daily news and somebody telling tickets for $60,000. that money would go in theirr pocket. >> you can get to the bottom of that and i would report it to robin hood or the governor's office. >> brian: real quick if i won the bidding. would alec talk to me or would it just be me and you and he be checking his watch? >> no. i think i would have to be like the ref rev -referee in the middle.
3:44 am
>> brian: i think we have a bid. i have to bid on it >> gretchen: thank you so much for coming by and talking about a great job. you feel the snivels coming on the cure could be a ice cold beer. >> brian: i always have beer. thanks for labeling me >> chris: you want to adopt a dog. install flood lights in the back yard so the dog will not stub his paw. it is true. story is next. ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. ♪ [ male announcer ] campbell's green bean casserole. it's amazing what soup can do
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neural speeds increasing to 4g lte. brain upgrading to a quad-core processor. predictive intelligence with google now complete. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself.
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>> brian: if the united states animal shelters care for an estimated 6 or eight million dogs and cats each year. why are perfect lequalified pet owners denied applications to adopt the pets it is blamed on pooch protection. 92 lenora is an advocate and the helicopter movement is
3:48 am
hovering over our pets. >> it is incredible the parallels between helicoptering children and now pets. free range kids is my blogg and i hear about crazy over protective parents and now i am hearing the rescue agencies are asking partnerships. they will not allow you to adopt a pet unless you are a helicopter pet. you have to keep them in a totally fenced in back worried guards . top and bottom. >> steve: you have to super vise. >> brian: that's crazy. >> it is a dog . the dog is supposed to guard you. the agencies say you must be out in the yard all of the time while they are there. or you don't get the pet. the idea is that anything could happen and one of the actual worrios the site is pet
3:49 am
abduction. one website for adopting a pet. you must vary the time to let the dog outside in the morning. like it is hamas out there and if your dog is head of hamas. change the time. this is a level of per vision that is insane and we see it in the parenting world. idea that children are not allowed out on their own. you walk them to school and in the suv and not allowed a moment on their own . same thing for pets. in both cases, it is a crazy levell of worry about predators. >> brian: what is the message back off and let them breathe. >> for parents and parents of pets and children. they are not in constant danger. the idea they need only the perfect food and some adoption places will not let you take a dog home unless you pay them
3:50 am
the all natural food and vary their times and it is like adopting a child. references for the lastt 15 years of vets and where you have lived. >> steve: brian said there are so many millions of dogs and catsment the rules are raze. it is okay for brian to let the dog dritching out of the toilet. >> brian: only one man and he's 120 pounds of animal. >> steve: thank you, teave. >> brian: straight ahead. republicans are holding the debt ceiling hostage and republicans say he's holding tax hikes hostage. where does that leave us. dennis kucinich joins u. >> steve: he didn't think this throughh. >> brian: prisoners watching him. >> steve: he's in good shape.
3:51 am
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>> congress tie it to debt ceiling votes and take us to the brink of default as part of a budget negotiation which by the way we have never done in our history until we did it last yearr, i will not play that game. >> gretchen: president obama will not let the republicanns take the country hostage. let's ask a man leaving congress soon. dennis kucinich joins us live. is the president disingenius to blame it all on the republicans. the last three budgets he put forth no one liked and isn't
3:55 am
it his responsibility to fix the fiscal cliff. >> i am not in favor of simpson-bowles but we should not put brinkmanship over the 16.4 federal budget limit we shouldn't play brinkmanship. we have to find a way to work together. we need to lower the tones and we are going in a season of peace on earth and good thing to practice that in washington. >> gretchen: you are not going to be there so what should they do now. >> the fiscal cliff is a metaphor. build a bridge with jobbings. you will have a jobs report that comes out and shows not enough jobs are create to move the economy fard forward. if we have a fisl cliff deal that results in government spending cut, are likelyy
3:56 am
to see deleverage that causes unemployment go up and tax revenue. we need more taxpayers and not just talk about raising more taxes. jobs are a central problem that we are not discussing. >> gretchen: wait a minute. you are saying we shouldn't have a discussion of cutting spending because that does not create jobs. >> no, let's look at it bush tax cut that was a trillion dollars in unpaid for spending. wars were unpaid for . a six trillion housing bubble, we need to help people stay in their homes and have freddie mac or fannie mae write down mortgage principles. it is not that we can't solve but the prescriptions of cutting spending and increasing taxes are old prescriptions and not going to
3:57 am
work. we got to get america back to work and get businesses going again. the federal reserve plays a role if theyy choose to. >> gretchen: unfortunately we are out of time. we would love to hear your thoughts of how to solve it i like your idea of peace on earth on this time of the season. thank you, congressman. >> thank you. >> gretchen: syria reportedly has chemical weapons . former vice cheney said no. the administration doesn't care. he was paralyzed in a car crash and now walks. we're at walmart with the simmons family. how much is your current phone bill? four sixteen seventy six a month! okay, come with me -- we're gonna save you money. with straight talk at walmart, you get uimited talk, text and data for only $45 a month per phone. would we get the same coverage? same coverage on america's best networks. you saved $146.76 by switching to straight talk.
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the lining of your esophagus. for many, prescription nexium not only provides 24-hour heartburn relief, but can also help heal acid-related erosions in the lining of your esophagus. talk to your doctor about the risk for osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels with long-term use of nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may sll exist. let your doctor do his job. and you do yours. ask if nexium is right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. tgif, it's friday, december 7, 2012, i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. he's out of the limelight and how have the white house and dick cheney, the former vice president, says the country is not how he left it. >> our allies no longer trust us or have confidence in us. our adversaries no longer fear us. >> gretchen: you'll hear from the former vice president straight ahead.
4:01 am
>> brian: he was paralyzed in a car crash. but miraculously walked again and his miracles aren't just over yet. that couple joining us live with their amazing story. >> steve: plus, his plan to break out of jail didn't go very well. the crook didn't think things through and got caught between a rock and a hard place. and a couple of guys with flashlights and a much longer sentence. "fox & friends" hour two for friday starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's friday. , friday. >> steve: today you're going to find out something interesting. alan simpson, who yesterday we saw you doing that gangam style thing where he does the dance. we have a sound bite where he explains why he did it. he saw the guy do it from korea and said i can do it, because it
4:02 am
looks like the guy is riding a horse and throwing a lasso. >> gretchen: we have senior citizens who are learning that dance style and they'll be teaching me. >> brian: fantastic. >> gretchen: maybe two can join in as well. >> brian: i only do the hustle. >> steve: really? >> brian: yeah. >> gretchen: i thought it was the bump. >> brian: no. that and the bump. it's too difficult (every wedding, mr. electric slide out there on the dance floor. >> gretchen: i thought you were going to say this one. >> steve: ymca? why? i've even him in action. why? why? >> gretchen: while these guys are practicing the dance moves, let's do some headlines. fox news alert, a magnitude 7.3 earthquake rocked japan, triggering a small wave. this sent many people scrambling to higher ground. new video shows buildings shaking all over the place. this is the same exact region, unfortunately, hit by that massive quake and tsunami in
4:03 am
march 2011. right now there are no reports of major damage or injuries. the day after hunters found two bodies in the woods iowa, the mother of one of the missing girls confirms it is her daughter and her niece. a vigil was held last night to remember nine-year-old elizabeth collins and 11-year-old lyric cook. the girls disappeared in july while riding their bikes. >> at this time, law enforcement is confident based upon evidence at the scene and preliminary investigation, that the bodies found yesterday are those of lyric cook and elizabeth collins. >> gretchen: yet a a positive id needs to be made bay medical examiner and hopefully we'll find out what happened to them. here is a quote, i heard screaming and saw an elevator coping apart. stairs on an escalator started collapsing while shoppers were on it. four people fell, including two
4:04 am
toddlers. everyone survived. a mechanical failure is to blame. want to avoid the winter sniffles? drink a little brouhaha. study finds a chemical in hops fights off a virus that causes pneumonia, but there is a catch. you have to drink 30 cans to get the virus out! >> steve: in one day? >> gretchen: i think in three minutes. >> steve: that would be impossible. >> brian: every time i go to the doctor, he always gives me a prescription for hops of the one after the hops. >> steve: no wonder you're so healthy. >> gretchen: you know what else it helps? after you're pregnant, off baby and you're breast-feeding, they tell you drink beer. >> brian: really? >> gretchen: uh-huh. >> brian: jim consume from sam ademeanor? >> gretchen: no, pediatricians who i don't think have any contracts with any beer makers. >> brian: fantastic. a sponsorship opportunity there.
4:05 am
>> gretchen: can you imagine walking into your doctor has office and seeing that? they do suggest that. unfortunately, it didn't help me 'cause i don't drink beer. >> steve: let's talk about this. couple of days ago the white house came out strongly and said hey, syria, don't even think about chemical warfare against your people. well, why would that be? apparently our intel community said that syria, which has gigantic stock piles of chemical weapons. >> brian: when by the way, wasn't exactly transparent that they had all these, number one. number two, why is it that saren gas was a favorite of saddam hussein, it miraculously dropped off the earth before we invaded iraq and turned up in syria where there was a convoy of trucks leaving. but i digress. >> steve: what they were doing with that saren gas that is so lethal is they were jamming it into rockets. next stop, gassing their own people. dick cheney last night took a
4:06 am
shot at the administration. they simply are not doing enough when it comes to the syrian situation and saren gas. >> sources, significant grief for this city and for all americans on 9-11, faced with a very real prospect that an area of the world that has spawned terrorist by the thousands, some who have come to the united states is back in business. our allies no longer trust us and our adversaries no longer fear us. when the president can make bold statements and bold talk as he did in the last cup of days about develops in syria, but i don't think they care. >> steve: where is the leadership? >> gretchen: at least dick cheney doesn't think that it is there right now. somebody who is leaving a potential leadership position is jim demint. he was a senator for the last eight years from the state of south carolina. many believed he was the leader
4:07 am
of the tea party, at least in the senate, and they were stunned yesterday when he decided to resign. he's now going to be president of the heritage foundation, which is a conservative think tank in washington. one thing is for sure action he'll make more money in the new job. not sure that has anything to do with why he decided to make the change. i think it caught some people by surprise because he was sort of this leading voice amongst the more conservative part of the republican party. >> steve: sure. and his message has been all along, we're spending way too much. it's not a tax problem in washington, d.c it's a spending problem. and the election, while the president may say it's a referendum and he's got all of these people behind him want to go raise the taxes on the rich, that's not the point. here is the senator. >> he didn't win in south carolina and it didn't win in the majority of the states. republicans who were elected won those elections running on limited government and less
4:08 am
taxes. they shouldn't give in to that because the principle is wrong and the president doesn't even have a serious plan. his idea of raising taxes will run our country for a few days and all it is is a political trophy to the left. we need to do what's good for america despite what he's been able to sell the media, but taxing the rich is not going to help the middle class. >> brian: not going to help the economy and i think senator demint has to be somewhat frustrated because he knows the president is getting his message out effectively. he's effective in making the republicans seem like they're the party of the rich and wants to cut your health care, even though the policies are correct, because you're looking at entitlements which are unsustainable and that raising taxes on the rich will overall hurt the economy. the messaging is not there. i think senator demint feels as though he could get the messaging down better with a powerful group like the heritage foundation as opposed to a single senator in south carolina and yes, steve, you have won me over to your point of view one hour later. thank you very much. that's exactly what you said.
4:09 am
the power of the heritage foundation behind as opposed to one of 100. >> gretchen: well, okay. the heritage foundation, but also maybe they could get the message out better from the rnc. there has been a lot of discussion about the communication of the republican ideas and the effectiveness of that during the campaign and now because is the president being really successful in making it appear as if the republican party is fractured? by all accounts there is some fracturing going on, but i think there needs to be a little bit better messaging coming from the other side because seems to be all one side. >> steve: it should be clear from the republican side that they are willing to go over the cliff. i mean, the president of the united states, if he's not going to deal fairly, where he's not even going to talk about cutting spending, it's just all about tax, democratic national convention, tax, the republicans should be ready to just go off the cliff along with the president of the united states and tim geithner who made it clear that they're all on board with that because the next
4:10 am
generation of americans, this is probably going to be the first time in our history where because of all the debt we are bestowing upon future generations, their lives will not be as full as ours. so the republicans should be willing to say you know what? it's the noble thing to do. let's go ahead. let's just jump off that cliff with the president of the united states, let's strap on our parachutes for the kids and future generations. >> gretchen: yesterday jay carney said that the president has been talking about entitlement spending and that it's part of his agenda. >> steve: just not in public! >> gretchen: yeah. so there seems to be a disconnect there as well. >> brian: i wish they would stop cutting and talk about restructuring. he's got to redo the formula. it's not about denying anybody anything. a lot of people saying the simpson bowles commission, grabbed senator simpson out of retirement. they tell erskine bowles, get out of the private sector. we need to you form this committee with democrats and republican leaders and come together with way forward on a
4:11 am
horrible economic situation. they put together a plan. it's ignored. but these phis will not be denied. they want to get their mental out. look what senator simpson did to i guess appeal to the young people. listen. >> it's called a love of young people. i really rip into the aarp and i mean to. they're not -- upper echelon of their people, they're not patriots. they're marketers. they're just selling stuff. no kids' organization can match them. >> steve: yeah. the video you're looking at right there, this is a craze and sweeping the pop culture called gangam style. you got the former senator from wyoming dancing with a can. it's all part -- >> brian: it's like keep dancing. >> steve: he's not kicking the can. the campaign is called the can kicks back. alan simpson admits he made, quote, a perfect a of himself with the gangam style video, but he doesn't care. >> gretchen: you know what? he didn't kick the can down the
4:12 am
road because he actually had a plan. so he didn't want to just kick the can down the road. he actually has no problem dancing with the can, but he actually had a plan and nobody bothered to look into it. >> brian: right. he have took on paul craigman, as well as grover norquist to say he thinks both on either side are hurting the entire process. he's a heck of a dancer. >> gretchen: coming up, one of the most dangerous cities in america might have to fire its police force because now they say that the union wants too much. >> steve: then brand-new unemployment numbers coming out this morning. stuart varney says could be a recipe for disaster. the two things that if they happen could send us into a recession. stuart varney comes into studio e and it's immediately greeted -- >> gretchen: oh, what a brushoff. >> gretchen: just because i know you hate this. >> what? this family used capital one venture miles
4:13 am
to come home for the holidays. that's double miles you can actually use... sadly, their brother's white christmas just got "blacked out." [ brother ] but it's the family party! really jingles your bells, doesn't it? my gift to you! the capital one venture card! for any flight, any time! that's double miles you can actually use! how illuminating. o
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4:16 am
>> brian: in just over an hour, the first jobs report since the presidential election will be leased. some economists are forecasting it could be messy as remnants of hurricane sandy and fallout from the impending fiscal cliff could have a major impact. could you say built in excuse? joining us is stuart varney from varney and company, the same guy who host the show. >> you're right, brian. built in excuse. that's what's happening one hour in advance of these numbers. people are saying, oh, look, it's going to be a bad report, but it's all end is a. it's all the hurricane. hits in late october, full effects out in november, that's why we'll have a bad jobs report. >> brian: it was a horrific storm. >> not so fast. some of this bad report, some of it, can be attributed to super storm sandy, some of it, but not all of it. even if you strip out the number of jobs lost because of the storm, just strip that out for a second, let's suppose it's 80, 90,000 jobs lost because of the
4:17 am
storm, you may still be only creating 150,000 new jobs a month. that's terrible. that's a very bad number. that's a number which suggests a very weak underlying economy. now, you fast forward to january 1, we're raising taxes january 1. do you want to do that? >> brian: cutting defense. >> we're probably going to cut defense. we're definitely raising taxes, payroll tax holiday is gone. we're raising taxes on everybody. do you want to do that at a time when the economy is fundamentally weak? raise taxes in a weak economy? not a good idea. this report in one hour is going to tell us an awful lot about the underlying state of our economy. >> brian: because of my unique position and what i made witness of hurricane sandy, i know you can not find an electrician. you can not find a plumber. you have to wait in line for a contractor. so anyone that says sandy wiped out jobs, you might have a point. they also gave a lot of jobs and a lot of the fema checks are up to $30,000. and they're building things and
4:18 am
hiring people with that money. >> that is true. and next month when we get next -- december's unemployment report, you're going to see a blip up in number of jobs created because of what you're talking about. but in november, jobs were lost because of the hurricane, but not as many as to make up for a fundamentally underlying weak economy. >> brian: do you think that the number today will spur some real life -- real-time negotiation to avoid the recession that, we'll be looming beginning january, february? >> no, it will be a bad report. people will excuse it and say it's all sandy. they'll offer that excuse. i don't think it will affect the fiscal cliff negotiations at all. we may go up to an 8% unemployment rate again. that's what we may do. it was 7.9 in october. it could be 8% in the number out today. >> brian: stewart, we're going to be watching this. we're going to be tossing to you to bring us the numbers as they come in for some instant
4:19 am
analysis. so you'll small cast on the "fox business" network and our network. >> 8:30, we get the number this morning. >> brian: then you will change outfits, maybe hair styles and at 9:20 lost varney and company. >> totally different guy at 9:20. >> brian: thanks. have a great weekend. >> thanks. >> brian: i know you don't like to talk to me in the halls. coming up straight ahead, fema workers told to go sightseeing instead of helping sandy victims. that scary story ahead. then he was told he would never walk again. but the man you're about to meet is defying the odds. his motivation? to walk down the aisle. that story, more on that coming your way. i'm doing my own sleep study.
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4:23 am
>> steve: time for news by the numbers on this friday. first, 26% that. is what the jobless rate in greece soared to in september. 26%! the country defeating spain to win the highest unemployment rate in europe. congratulations. not. next, $2 billion. that's how much a cable box cost when it's not even on. they continue to run using up electricity. the worst offenders, dvr's. that's $2 billion across the country. not just at your house. and finally, $5,000. that's the christmas bonus being handed to employees at publisher random house. they can thank this year's best seller "50 shades of gray" and $55,000 for christmas bonus. gretch, over to you and a couple of special guests. >> gretchen: this next story is an emotional one and the perfect one for the christmas season. five years ago, doctors told our
4:24 am
next guest that he would never walk again. on christmas eve, he was involved in a deadly rather cash. older driver spun out of control, crashing into his family's suv, can iing both his father and his brother, 17-year-old girlfriend. brock was left paralyzed from the waist down. but he never stopped living his life and believing that he would walk again. and now in two weeks, guess what he's gog do? he's going to walk down the aisle unassisted at his own wedding. joining me now this morning, brock muler and his fiance, haley frank. i'm honored to meet you both. what a wonderful story with a tragic beginning. i know you went through immense pain in losing these two people that were so close to you and then you were so injured. but you say it was your mental capacity that kept you going. in what way? >> for me, mainly it was really just holding on to my faith during that whole time and the fact that a lot of people
4:25 am
hearing this story for the first time can think, i don't know if i could get through that and for me, every day was about waking up in the morning and just praying to god that he was going to give me a different future than what i was being told at that time. and i had so many ups and downs and a really long road, but it really just came back to that perseverance and holing on to my faith. >> gretchen: this was five years ago. we're watching video of you now going through rehab. three years ago, you went to the university of michigan and walk out using canes and it was to honor your brother, right? >> yeah. it was a really huge goal to set at the time to walk in a full leg brace. at the time we had set that goal, about eight months before i led the time out. i got down to where i was just using canes and no leg brace. >> gretchen: keep in mind if you're watching, folks, this young man was given a 1% chance of ever walking again. look at how the crowd is responding.
4:26 am
right around this time, you met this beautiful woman who is sitting next to me, haley. how did you guys meet? >> well, it started, i was living in toledo and he had just posted that he was going to be around going to the benefit to support his boyhood cancer. i kind of responded and said hey, i'll be around and we can go. and he sent me a mental, he's like hey, i'll pick you up. >> gretchen: and that was it? >> that was it. >> gretchen: now you are going to be getting married. it's two weeks away. most people would be doing the final touches. your goal is to do what? >> i'm going to be walking out to wait for haley on our wedding day and walk out with her unassisted. >> gretchen: because today when you came out on the set, you still are using the canes. what are you going to do in your mind, to make sure that you get out there on your own?
4:27 am
>> the biggest hurdle that i've had is i have to thank just my strength conditioning coaches every day, mike barwith and the guy i train with a lot, john jeffrey. every day they try to convince me at that i shouldn't be afraid of falling. i shouldn't be afraid of all these things that are floating through my mind and having to think about each step i take. it's really been more about training my mind to just naturally walk rather than overthinking it. >> gretchen: haley, what do you love about this man? >> you know, no matter how the situation looks or how grim it looks, whether it's the biggest thing or the smallest thing, there is always a positive that he brings out in it and whether it's in his life or my life, he always knows how to find the positive and to turn the situation around right away. >> gretchen: i can't think of a better time for the two of you to put your union together than right around christmas time.
4:28 am
and it will be on december 22. we wish you the best, and a wonderful life together. >> thank you. >> gretchen: what a wonderful story. congratulations. >> thanks. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," a summit on climate change to debate its effects and by debate, we mean only one side. isn't a debate supposed to be two sides? one kicked out for saying it doesn't exist. then a charity for cancer canceled because someone threatened to sue. we'll tell you about that. ♪ begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! ♪
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>> the official white house christmas card just went out and it's signed by all the members of the first family, by beaux the dog. i thought it was odd when he added the line, humps and kiss. >> steve: yeah, that was odd. couple of weeks away from christmas, although it doesn't seem so much like christmas in a couple of spots. first let's take you out to glorious hawaii where a high school orchestra for the last six years has worked with --
4:33 am
>> brian: example of a war on christmas? >> steve: perhaps a war in orchestras. the high school for the last six years there in honolulu, volunteers from the orchestras and volunteers from the new hope church raised $200,000 for poor people in africa. but now there is somebody who is saying hey, wait a minute. the founder of hawaii citizens for the separation of church and state doesn't like the involvement of the church and has threatened a lawsuit. >> gretchen: you know what the church was doing? just helping out to sell the tickets. so for this year, this one concert was going to raise $30,000 for poor kids in africa. let me ask you this question: is it a better lesson for these high school kids who are participating in the orchestra and volunteering their time for poor kids in africa, is it a better lesson that we should teach them that hey, you shouldn't volunteer your time anymore to help out people who are less fortunate than you because there is like one or two people who are against the fact that a church is involved in
4:34 am
selling tickets? is that the better lesson for the young people in our society today? speaking of a lunatic, most people are lunatics for taking christmas out of hawaii. >> steve: this guy says the constitution prohibits the involvement of public schools in churches. oh, really? i don't think the constitution actually says that volunteers from a school can't work with volunteers from a church to raise money. anyway, they caved. >> brian: let's talk about the seniors. >> gretchen: look for a new venue. >> steve: it will be impossible to find. maybe there will be a christmas miracle. >> brian: you have to believe in yourself. >> steve: do you. >> brian: there are so many times things happen, we can't explain it. let's try to explain this. a senior center in california is called the new hope senior apartment complex. i'm going to keep looking at this camera. protesting in order for malignant to remove their beloved christmas tree from the community room because they were told it's a religious symbol. they're upset about it. on wednesday, two dozen residents in the 75 resident
4:35 am
complex gathered in the lobby to place a neon green sign that says, please save our tree. >> gretchen: guess what? some jewish people who live in this apartment complex are part of the protest! >> steve: because they're taking down the menorah, too. >> gretchen: yes. but they are specifically talking about the christmas tree because guess what? they say they're not offended by all religious things. last night we talked about this on bill o'reilly and he said why is it that i'm the only one leading the charge about the war on christmas? people make fun of him and fun of me. people make fun of the fact that let us know what you think about it. is it a fuss about nothing or will a future generation not be able to see some of the traditions that we all had the benefit of seeing growing up. >> steve: here is the thing, it's private property, they can do anything they want to. if they want to have a tree there, they could. they could also just take governor lincoln chaffey's suggestion and rather than call it a christmas tree, just call it a holiday tree. >> brian: you follow his --
4:36 am
>> gretchen: come on. >> steve: if they don't want to do that, just hang an ornament on a ficus tree in the lobby. >> gretchen: are you being funny about those things? >> steve: no, listen. if they're going to take down the christmas tree, just celebrate the way you can. >> brian: i'm protesting 'cause my mom for the first time got an artificial tree. we told her you got to go live. now she's putting it in a box at the end and whipping it out every year. i'm protesting personally. no one talks about that. >> gretchen: okay, before you whip out your tree, maybe you could be politically correct and have a real and a fake tree. would that make everybody happy? this whole thing has gotten so ridiculous. call it what it is. it's christmas. december 25 is christmas. let's do some headlines. they're accused of aiding terrorists and plotting to use weapons of mass destruction and in less than 2 1/2 hours, they'll come face-to-face with a judge in florida. authorities say the two brothers from pakistan gave money, housing and other support to terrorists, planning attacks
4:37 am
with weapons of mass destruction. >> steve: a victory for capitalism in michigan. republicans and the legislature pushing through right to work legislation that eliminates mandatory union fees that's despite objection by democrats and chaotic scenes like this one angering protests by union activists. this shows some of those protesters getting hauled off in handcuffs after trying to bust down the doors of the capitol building. michigan's governor says the bill promotes worker freedom and jobs. >> you're pick ago fight with labor here. >> no, it's not picking a fight. i view this as solving an issue for michigan workers. you have hard working people in michigan. this is about choice. >> steve: critics say it will hit auto workers especially hard. let's see. >> brian: america's most dangerous cities, camden, new jersey is laying off its entire police force. hard to figure. instead, they're opting to use a county wide one instead. officials say massive union contracts are to blame. they're filled with benefits that nearly double an officer's
4:38 am
base salary. the city says they can't afford it. >> gretchen: first responders told to go sight see as sandy victims suffered. fox news learning first responders sat around for nearly four days. fema officials even told them to go check out the area. a fema official admits there were some logistical challenges, but the agency is fully engaged now. how many weeks have they been? >> brian: a lot. >> steve: over a month. let's take a look at the day ahead weather wise. man, it is wet! all the way from new england to the mid atlantic, back through the great lakes states as well. scattered snow showers up in the northern plains through south dakota at this hour. some scattered showers as well in southwestern kansas and northern reaches of oklahoma. i saw a couple of blips on the radar. you know what? that's the only map my garage door opener is going to allow us to see. so let's move on. weather wise.
4:39 am
all right. there is a fellow by the name of lord monkton in the united kingdom and there he is right there. he went to the united nations meeting on climate change in qatar. >> brian: his problem was his message. he doesn't think the climate is changing. he says i've been going here, we've been doing this for 16 years, nothing is happening. we're not listening to the other side. so everyone took notes and they learned from that and global warming is indeed wrong. they tossed him! they said hit the road! >> gretchen: it was supposed to be a debate, apparently, at this convention. but a debate usually involves two different points of view. i guess this time they're gog have one point of view. >> steve: apparently it wasn't his turn to talk and he grabbed a microphone and now he is banned for life. >> brian: he's not a lord. he's not from the house of lords. he's got an interesting title. >> steve: yeah. lord. >> brian: is he a lord? >> steve: apparently, according to the telegraph. >> brian: not the lord? he's a lord. >> steve: thank you.
4:40 am
>> gretchen: ten lords a leaping. >> brian: not anymore. >> steve: i've never known this to happen to anybody, he's been debadged. he's been debadged. he's not going to be allowed in ever again. >> gretchen: okay. maybe there is another convention that somebody will accept him at. if you're going to try to break out of prison, you better have a better plan than this one. the story behind how this guy -- there is a lot of questions about this picture, isn't there? like why does he not have any clothes on and what is he doing? >> steve: yeah. then he sits on the budget committee. what is john thune's plan to keep us from going over the fiscal cliff. he's coming in. >> brian: first, the aflac trivia question, born on this day in 1932, this actress received an academy award nomination for her lead role in "the exorcist." who is she? be first. you'll get a hug. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth.
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[ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha! >> brian: prisoner in brazil left stuck and screaming for help after his escape plan failed. he and another prisoner made the hole hoping to break free. the other guy made it. this guy was rescued and put back in his cell. they had to put a shirt on. truck of the year revealed it's the dodge ram, 1500. motor trend magazine praised it for its air suspension. choice of engines and variety of trim levels. steve praises it in the breaks, but wants to talk about something else. >> steve: i like trucks like that. thanks. with just weeks remaining before america's set to fall off the fiscal cliff, the president remains adamant about raising taxes on the rich. he's got to do it. >> courage to see that there has been some discussion on the part
4:45 am
of republicans acknowledging the need for additional revenue. just to be clear, i'm not going to sign any package that somehow prevents the top rate from going up for folks at the top 2%. >> steve: yeah. i think we heard that a couple of times. so can congress make a deal and should the president focus on cutting spending, 'cause really washington has a spending problem. talk to senator john thune, the chairman of the senator conference and member of the budget committee. good to have you. >> thank you. >> steve: all we know is that they're at a stalemate. what do you know? >> i think that describes things right now. a lot of it comes to the definition of the problem. we believe that this is a spending problem. the president and some of his allies in congress believe it's a revenue taxes. he ran on more taxes. we don't believe that solves a problem. if you look at it, he gets everything he wants, the tax increases go up, taxes go up january 1. it funds the government for less than a week. what are you going to do for the
4:46 am
rest of the year and to address the real problem which is run away federal spending. >> steve: the president has not made in public any -- presented in i plan. okay, this is how we're going to fix entitlements going forward. at least you guys have done that. >> it really is stunning if you think about it. this president just won a big election and you would think that he would want to lead. but he hasn't put anything forward to solve this problem. this is the biggest crisis facing the country right now. republicans have put plans out there dealing with entitlement reform, tax reform, things that would get the economy growing again which would solve a lot of these problems. the president said in thinks post election press conference that most important thing to him was jobs and the economy. well, then he turns right around and says, i want to raise taxes by $1.6 trillion. they seem to be very contradictory objectives. >> steve: it does seem his objective and a number of commentators on the right said his -- it's all about politics. he wants to punish the republicans. >> well, i do think there is an element of politics in everything this president does. clearly it's important in my view at least, that he engage in
4:47 am
the discussion with the leaders on capitol hill with republicans and house and senate. that hasn't happened. >> steve: okay. so the fiscal cliff is looming. there are a the lo of people who say the republicans need to stand together and if the president isn't gog deal fairly and offer up some spending cuts and talk about entitlement reform, the republicans need to be willing to hole hands and jump off the fiscal cliff with the president. are you ready? >> we would prefer that didn't happen. there are a lot of bad outcomes. you got a lot of analysis that's been done, ernst says if we go over the fiscal cliff or raise taxes it will cost us over 700,000 jobs, reduce economic growth, lower take home pay, all those things. that's a bad scenario. the president has made it very clear, tim geithner, his treasury secretary said a couple days ago, absolutely we're ready to go over the cliff. republicans don't think that's the solution. but i do think that if he gets
4:48 am
what he wants, he gets higher taxes, he gets defense cuts, if we go over the cliff. so i don't think there is a lot of incentive on the president's part right now to be at the table to make a deal, which is why he's not very engaged in this discussion. >> steve: the good news for the republicans is that the looming raising the debt ceiling talks, that's just around the corner. you guys obviously have the upper hand on that. >> i think we have -- we do have some leverage with the debt ceiling increase. more than we do right now because right now, he's got the cards. if nothing happens, if congress doesn't act, taxes go up automatically. the debt ceiling at least requires congress to take action. what we're told is the president is even thinking about what he might be able to do to raise the debt ceiling without going through congress. which would be a huge mistake. >> steve: he wants to change the constitution. >> exactly. it's a constitutional issue. >> steve: okay. a lot going on down in washington, d.c you should go back immediately. they need you. thank you very much and merry christmas. >> same to you. >> steve: straight up on the
4:49 am
rundown, trading in old jewelry for cold hard cash. coming up, find out what your stuff is worth. first on this date in 1983, "say, say, say" by paul mccartney, michael jackson, numero uno. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] campbell's green bean casserole. it's amazing what soup can do
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4:52 am
>> ellen we are stein is the answer. the win service brad in lafayette, louisiana. way to go, brad. >> gretchen: got to love this next story. today's crazy economy, stocks are out and you'llry is in. know more than ever, women are trading in those favorite family heirlooms for cold hard cash. >> brian: what is your jewelry worth right now and what are the
4:53 am
ground rules for new sellers? >> steve: joining us now is cara collins, expert buyer. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: your world headquarters on 49th street. >> gretchen: what do you do? >> what we do is we are the largest international buying firm in the world and we buy from the public. so there used to be a stigma attached to selling your jewelry. we called it the three d's. divorce, dent or death. that's no longer the case. so what people are doing is they are turning that unworn jewelry into new opportunities and shopping. >> brian: you're not melting it down? >> no, we buy it as jewelry and we appreciate it because it's going to be valued beyond the gold value. >> steve: one of the d's is big right now. debt. a lot of people suddenly -- christmas is coming. i've got this thing from grandma, maybe i could sell it and buy the kids some stuff. >> absolutely. what happens is, it's not
4:54 am
necessarily -- most people it's not a need to sell. it's want to sell our jewelry. all jewelry and watches have a resale value. it's very important. >> gretchen: let's look at some of the jewelry you brought. are these pieces that people brought to you? >> yes. all from our ten locations world wide. they were purchased from our clients who come in and this particular piece -- >> gretchen: earrings are diamond. >> black and white diamonds, 18 carat gold. from a woman who no longer wears them, they were gifted to her from her husband. she stuffed them in her drawer and never wore them. >> gretchen: she comes in and says they're worth what? >> just over $5,000. >> gretchen: you write her a check right then? >> we write immediate payment of checks. >> brian: it sounds like a reality show. let's keep moving through the list. >> this piece, 4 carat, certified diamond oval. great shape. this was a gift that was -- the
4:55 am
person -- it was their 40th anniversary, they wanted to increase the size. they came in to upgrade. >> gretchen: wow. okay. upgrade from that. >> we wrote a check for $65,000. >> steve: oh, my goodness. >> gretchen: what's next? >> this is sirca 1960. set in platinum. perfect example of someone inherited this piece. they didn't know what they had. so they came in. we evaluated it. we made them the offer and they accepted it and this garnered over $15,000, which they applied to a new family vacation >> brian: are their situations where it's nice but out of style? >> sometimes it doesn't -- not for us. it sometimes doesn't fit in their lifestyle. so that's why we're so -- we have facilitated that need. >> steve: that piece you showed us is relatively intricate. i think the mentality would be before i sell it, i should clean it up. but maybe that's not a good idea. >> it's not a good idea. it's just not necessary. we're professionals. and we're trained.
4:56 am
>> steve: we can see past the grime. >> exactly, we can. our training takes almost a year, in fact. so we can see past all of those little hindrances. >> brian: i have a mood ring i'm willing to give up now. it turns out. >> steve: what do you want for it? >> brian: i negotiate with them. not with you. >> gretchen: should people bring in the original boxes? does that add value? >> it does, especially with signed pieces. this one is a great green tormaline. that's a signed piece. an example of something signed is from tiffany, cartier. those will garner premium pricing from us. as far as watches go, it's very important to have your box and papers with you. >> brian: what about this from the titanic, right? >> yes, it is. >> steve: are you kidding? >> gretchen: for my christmas gift this year, usually it's like a bottle of wine or ornament. >> steve: is your husband watching? >> gretchen: this is $250,000. >> brian: you know what? rick reichmuth has you in the
4:57 am
grab bag. >> steve: times are tough and if something is sitting in the closet and not wearing it, maybe this is the time to get dough. >> absolutely. >> steve: thank you very much. >> thank you. please visit us on our web site. >> brian: geraldo is coming up. he has a few engagement rings you can check out. >> steve: oh, boy. >> that's why i'm still working. >> steve: next up, we're going to talk cairo. right back with the spark cash card from capital one,
4:58 am
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[ female announcer ] crestor is not right for everyone. like people with liver disease or women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. tell your doctor about other medicines you're taking. call your doctor rht away if you have muscle pain or weakness, feel unusually tired, have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of rare but serious sideeffects. ♪ is your cholesterol at goal? alk to your doctor aut crestor. [ female announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is friday, december 7, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us today. brand-new unemployment numbers are coming out 30 minutes away. stuart varney says it could be a recipe for disaster? what is it he know that's coming out of the white house? stick around to find out. >> steve: looks like a gloomy day in washington. meanwhile, all roads lead to cairo. dick cheney blaming the mess in syria on president obama and the speech he gave in cairo.
5:01 am
remember that? is mr. cheney right? we'll talk to geraldo about it. >> brian: the most popular video on the planet. ♪ [ laughter ] >> brian: gangam style so hot, even grandmas are doing it. look at that. >> gretchen: oh, oh. >> brian: we are looking live at that. that wasn't rehearseed. live here on "fox & friends" only. >> gretchen: this is live out of phoenix. these are some lovely young ladies who are getting into the gangam spirit and in about 62 minutes from now, they're going to teach me how to do this gangam dance and i'm a little bit nervous because they are
5:02 am
really busting a move right now. all right, ladies, keep it going. >> steve: it was just last week that geraldo rivera himself busted a move where he did the gangam. it is a craze that is sweeping the nation, and you know how much this nation needs sweeping. >> we need some heavy, heavy sweeping. [ laughter ] >> steve: any fallout from the gangam dance last week? >> yeah, they told me to stick to radio. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: oh, oh,. >> steve: he's participate of our gangam today. he'll be with news two minutes. >> gretchen: first the headlines. fox news alert, while you were sleeping, a magnitude 7.3 earthquake rocked japan, trigger ago small wave. sent many people scrambling to higher ground. check out the video. you can see the shaking going on, the same region hit by the massive quake and tsunami in march 2011. right now no reports of major damage or injuries. a day after hunters found two bodies in the woods of iowa, the mom of one of the missing girls confirms now that it is her daughter and her niece.
5:03 am
a vigil was held last night to remember nine-year-old elizabeth collins and 11-year-old lyric cook. as you might recall, the girls disappeared in july. they were simply riding their bikes. >> at this time, law enforcement is confident, based upon evidence at the scene and preliminary investigation that the bodies found kneaded are those of lyric cook and elizabeth collins. >> gretchen: a positive i.d. still needs to be made by a medical examiner. here is a quote for you, i heard screaming and then saw the escalator coming apart. that coming from a macy's employee at a washington state mall last night. stairs on an escalator started collapsing while shoppers were on it. four people fell, including two toddlers. fortunately, everyone survived. a mechanical failure is to blame. her dad has been at war for nearly one year and little girl isn't afraid to tell santa exactly what she wants for christmas. >> so what would you like for
5:04 am
christmas? >> my dad to come home. >> where is daddy? >> in afghan. >> gretchen: in afghanistan? >> a ahuh. >> gretchen: i think i know what's going to happen here. little did she know dad was waiting outside. >> who is that? daddy. >> daddy is an army captain. he's home. >> steve: from what he hopes is his final tour over there. i thought the guy was going to pull down the mask, santa was. pull down the beard and it would be daddy. >> brian: like another santa we know. don't give away the secret. >> steve: thank you. dick cheney was talking last night. a little bit about how this administration has not done enough regarding the fact that syria now loading sarin gas, which is so lethal, into bombs.
5:05 am
here is dick cheney, then geraldo. >> source of significant grief, certainly for this city and all americans on 9-11 faced with a very real prospect that an area of the world that has spawned terrorists by the thousands, some who have come to the united states and killed americans is back in business. our allies no longer trust us or have confidence in us and our adversaries no longer fear us. when the president could make bold statements and bold talk as did he in the last couple of days about developments in syria, but i don't think they care. >> steve: this president just all talk. >> i don't want to pick a fight with vice president cheney because i was one of the reporters who absolutely stuck by every word the vice president said in the build-up to the iraq war and we went to war and i was one of the boosters of a war that was based on false premises that iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction. >> brian: but you're in good company because hosni mubarak thought the same thing, german
5:06 am
chancellor thought the same thing. >> steve: hillary clinton. >> we followed the president and president bush into war and now i think this president is being understandably cautious. listen, because saddam hussein had used sarin gas on his own people in 1988, it was not a giant leap to assume that he was going to use them on us or on his neighbors. >> brian: in the aftermath of the war, it was found there after the persian gulf war. >> well, i don't remember a lot of sarin gas being found. some was indeed. i guess. i have a dim recollection of that. it certainly wasn't a big item. but listen, we know now, intelligence tells us now that bashar assad in syria has sarin gas and he is partially loaded them on his fighter bombers that now pretty well established. it's not just fox news reporting it and nbc news reporting it. it's intelligence sources in washington and elsewhere abroad. now it is pretty clear that they
5:07 am
have taken at least the preliminary steps. however, and here is where i differ from the vice president, i believe that the secretary of state, hillary clinton, and the president of the united states has made very, very clear that that is our red line. we will not allow syria to use weapons of mass destruction -- >> gretchen: how do you stop it? >> i think you have to militarily, sadly, gretchen, i think it would mean the direct involvement of the united states and nato in -- >> brian: and they're welling up troops on the border right now. >> i think it's pretty clear if assad was to take that last desperate step, it would be his end. >> gretchen: i guess my question is timing. let's say that he decides to do it. how do you stop that? you might stop it after it happens so he doesn't do a second round of it. but how do you stop it initially? >> as ends the intelligence, right now he's put some of the precursors, he made the preparations. he has not yet armed the weapons. i think that it is arming the
5:08 am
weapons, in this particular case, that's the red line. and i absolutely believe that he knows that it is not only suicide for his government, it might be suicide for him because it would be an intolerable escalation of the violence and will be crossing a line that civilization will not allow. >> brian: my problem is, geraldo rivera knows that, this is a guy who killed between 40 and 55,000 of his on people and that was basically a grace the backlash he crossed and the message is, i can do it and i could get my job at lens crafters back, nothing will happen. [ laughter ] >> i think that what will happen with assad is i think what you're seeing now is they are auditioning locations where he can take a trillion dollars in a truck and go and move to someplace in iran or venezuela. >> brian: you think russia and u.s. are in talks?
5:09 am
>> yes. and this is something that the president and the republicans in the senate and the congress will not permit. they will not allow, and everybody will be united to prevent this dictator and mass murder prosecutor going forward. >> brian: let's talk about afghanistan. karzai, i watched his comments, i wanted to rip his head through the tv screen j rip his robe off. >> definitely coming to us from terrorism and attacks of the taliban. part of the insecurities coming across from the structures that nato and america created in afghanistan. there is a very strong perception that some of that insecurity is intentional, yes. >> steve: what a nice way to say thank you. >> it is absolutely not the united states' fault. he is the most ungrateful and greedy and corrupt leader that we do business with anywhere on earth. it is absolutely appalling. it is such an affront to all the
5:10 am
sacrifice we've made. the siphoning off of foreign aid by afghan nationals associated with the karzai government is well established. >> brian: here is the thing, now we're at the status of forces agreement. they're saying we will not give our soldiers immunity after 2014 when we leave. >> brian: really? what about the drones? >> from aircraft carriers in the indian ocean or satellites. >> brian: that's not what our military wants. >> i would love to keep the bagram air base, for example, brian, you know, you've been there. it's a place -- it is impregnable in many ways. it's attacked from the fringes, but never substantially. i would like to keep an ability to stop al-qaeda from massing and attack against the united
5:11 am
states or the west again. but if necessary, we pull out. we have killed osama bin laden. that's what we went in for. >> brian: he controlled the negotiations! don't just sit there and sit back and said karzai says i should go. >> he's going to retire, he says, in 2014. so there has been -- there may be a more reasonable government. that does not belie that afghans have stolen billions of dollars. they are the most ungrateful government we do business with. and i -- >> steve: let's talk about corruption, only this on the domestic scale. billions of dollars worth of property and lives have been lost with hurricane super storm sandy. now there will be a great big concert at madison square garden, bon jovi, bruce, paul mccartney will all be there, billy joel. the list goes on and on. ticket scalpers are scalping tickets. they brought them for 125 bucks, they're selling for thousands of dollars.
5:12 am
it's not going to go no the sandy victims. this is disgusting. >> i have a couple of observations. one y did they price the tickets so low? if there is supply and demand, it's friday market. if the price is $600 that the market is willing to pay, then charge $600. it's going to a good cause, people will not object. >> gretchen: i disagree with it. what about the people who can't afford it. >> this is not a charity to benefit people who can't afford to pay for a big concert. i want all trillion airs. so you have stub hub. they take the tickets from people who have them legitimately, the $125 person and put it on the market for 600 bucks. stub hub keeps 25% of the $600 they don't know what the face value is. there is so much gray area. >> stub hub has asserted that they will donate all of their
5:13 am
profits to super storm sandy victims. so that's good. now, the attorney general in new york state and chuck schumer, the senior senator from new york state, are both all over stub hub and they want stub hub to define what profit is. so is it 25% of proceeds or is it 25% after you deduct all of the cost of your doing business and all the rest of it? so there is a lot of people paying attention to this. i have to go back to the other point, why not charge 35, $600? you have the super concert. barbra streisand, it wasn't a benefit. people were paying enormous amounts. i think they should really charge more and gretchen, to your point on the people that can't afford it, then have other venues. have other different events. i think you can balance it. but right now, the urgency is to get the money to the people who need it most. winter is coming. >> steve: always a pleasure. >> a pleasure being here. >> gretchen: have a great show.
5:14 am
want to know the real reason there is no deal on the fiscal cliff? that answer is next on the rundown. >> steve: then gangam style isn't for kids anymore, brian. yep. even these arizona grandmothers are addicted. we'll take you there live. ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ nothing melts away the cold like a hot, delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow
5:15 am
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>> steve: every day the nation gets one step closer to the so-called fiscal cliff. right now there are only 25 shopping days left for congress and the president to negotiate a deal. our next guest says that could be a problem because the president has yet to learn the art of making a deal. joining us is "wall street
5:18 am
journal" columnist daniel henninger. good morning to you. >> how are you doing? >> steve: you asked the question in your most recent column, where in his career did barak obama ever learn the art of a political deal? the answer is? >> nowhere. nowhere that i can see, steve. i mean, we're all sitting there watching this perils of pauline running along the cliff and wondering why they can't do a deal. and it struck any^ if you look back through the first term, where did barak obama strike any deal with the republicans? the biggest opportunity was when they were enacting the entitlement, affordable care act, obamacare, rolled back to the 1960s when lyndon johnson was enacting medicare and medicaid and he negotiated with republicans and he had republican support. barak obama got zero votes for obamacare and that's unprecedented. then you come to the summer of 2011, you had the big super committee over deficit reduction. basically trying to negotiate the same thing they are now and
5:19 am
that collapsed. it seems to me that barak obama is someone a president, surprisingly enough, who just does not know how to negotiate a political deal with the other side. >> steve: you're absolutely right. he doesn't want to make a deal. he's less monty burns from the simpsons where he's trying to extract and exact political pain on the republicans. >> i think it's a combination of arrogance. he may be the most arrogant person who ever sat in the oval office. a combination of that and inexperience and if you put those two combinations together, you get someone who is so confident in his own point of view, his own position that he can't recognize any validity in the other person's point of view. >> steve: we've talked to a number of people who say, you know, the president could be overplaying his hands. he thinks he's got all the cards. the republicans could all stand together and jump off the cliff with him and that essentially is going to screw am his legacy for the next four years. >> well, both ronald reagan and bill clinton had strong legacies
5:20 am
because they had strong growth in the second terms of their presidency. if barak obama has growth not much more than 2%, his legacy will be ashes. it's surprising to me that he is incapable of recognizing that and trying to put something in place that will bring the economy back to life. >> gretchen: read all about it in the "wall street journal." always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead, he joined the army after pearl harbor and then flew on missions to test the atomic bomb. up next, this world war ii veteran, he will share his incredible story. then they can't make a deal in the fiscal cliff. what do you know about your elected officials and what are they doing instead? passing a bill that bans -- had is big -- wait for it -- bans the word lunatic. that's crazy! [ man ] ring ring... progresso
5:21 am
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>> gretchen: 24 minutes after the top of the hour. thanks for sharing your time with us today. let's talk a little bit about what happened in the last election. we know president obama won reelection. the house pretty much stayed the same with republicans ruling it and the senate with democrats. but what about the governorships? interesting when you look at a map of the states. i believe it was over 30 states that the governorships went to republicans. either staying with them or now adding to the list. there seems to be a sort of split theology of sorts amongst voters across the country. >> steve: in the state of michigan yesterday where they do have a republican-controlled state house and governor's mansion as well, keep in mind, michigan, the birth place of
5:25 am
organized labor, yesterday the legislature both houses passed a law making michigan the 24th right to work state. bans mandatory union dues. if you're in a union there in michigan, the uaw, you work for ford or chrysler or places like that, dollar lot of people who are upset. but that's what the legislature -- >> gretchen: you still can pay if you want. >> brian: if you want to know what's good about our economy, look at indiana and ohio, now lock at florida and that's what they want to do in michigan. governors making tough choices. >> gretchen: they're giving people a choice. they can pay it or not. when we come back, breaking news. brand-new job numbers and stuart varney says it could be a recipe for disaster? he's standing by with all the details i always wait until the last minute.
5:26 am
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5:29 am
that's a $300 savings. you may even save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance. for everything that matters most. adt. always there. >> steve: we're about to get breaking news on the economy. the first unemployment report since last month's election. >> gretchen: let's hand it over now to stuart varney. >> i'm stuart varney. welcome to this special report from the "fox business" network. moments from now, the government releases the unemployment rate for november. with tax and spending changes coming for the new year, the jobless rate remains a very important number. before the election, the rate dropped below 8%. now here comes the first post-election report and many forecast the rate will pick back up again to that 8% level. bear in mine that the november number will be skewed by super
5:30 am
storm sandy. 11 states took a hit. jobs will clearly be affected. but did beyond the storm's impact and we should get a reading on the underlying state of the economy. what shape are we in as tax increases approach come january 1? 8:30 precisely, that's when the labor department releases this report. i mean precisely. peter barns is at the labor department. the first two numbers we want to hear are what is the unemployment rate for november and how many new jobs were created in that month? all right. 8:30. peter? >> stewart, 7.7% was the unemployment rate in november. the lowest level since december 2008. nonfarm payrolls increased 147,000, well above expectations of 90,000. economists had been expecting less job creation last month because of hurricane sandy. but the labor department says that the survey response rates they got from businesses and individuals at home were fairly
5:31 am
normal. we're in, quote, the normal ranges, quote, our analysis suggests sandy did not substantially impact the numbers for november. >> that is very interesting. everybody suggested that sandy would have a significant impact. but the labor department itself is saying no, it did not. is that correct, peter? >> that's correct. and it's because of the way the labor department retrieves and asks businesses and people about their employment. for example, if you work for one hour during a week and there is a storm, you're still counted as employed. for you not to be counted as employed, you can work no hours and get no pay during the particular survey week. >> you've had a chance to go through the whole report. any other headlines stand out at you? >> well, we're substantially revisions in september and october. 50,000 fewer jobs created in those two months than had previously been expected and the
5:32 am
labor department does say that we should get a better read of any possible impact of sandy on individual states and regions when they release other numbers, other reports on those in two weeks from now. >> peter barns, thank you very much. i will repeat this because it is a surprise, 7.7% is the unemployment rate. 146,000 new jobs created last month. i'm joined by my colleague, charles payne. charles, this is a surprise. what does it tell you about the underlying strength or otherwise of this economy? >> we have an economy that continues to sort of bump along on the positive side, sort of like on a positive side, but 146,000, we put it in proper perspective, not what the street was looking for today, particularly with sandy involved. but overall with general recovery, we're still significantly lower than we typically would be. >> are you saying it's weak? i mean, 146,000 new jobs in one month, is that a sign of weakness? >> it's just mediocrity.
5:33 am
it's sign of barely getting by. it's a sign we're nowhere near our ultimate potential. by the way, i wonder about this number. i'm going to dig in, but 7.7% with 146,000 could suggest people are still leaving the jobs market which skews that number. >> so that's what we're going to look for, the labor participation rate and the dropout rate. did the labor force actually shrink allowing the unemployment rate to come down for 7.7. now, one last question, we're going to get tax increases come january 1. what will that do to the economy that's producing 146,000 jobs a month? >> it will challenge this economy. it will challenge this economy to keep its head above water. this is not the kind of economy that can handle a shock to the system. believe me, those tax hikes are going to be a shock. forget the fiscal cliff stuff. what we know is coming, already will be a hock to the system. you lay that are with even more draconian tax hikes, more regulations and this war on business that i've been seeing, it's not going to be that great.
5:34 am
>> you register surprise like i go when the 7.7% number came in. but we've got to find out, did the labor force shrink? that's the key to understanding the rate -- >> lot of economic data, the headlines look good. when you dig, it's been disappointing. >> let me conclude, that we have it, 7.7%, the unemployment rate in november. 146,000 jobs created. that's it for this fox business special report. we'll continue the coverage throughout the day. now back to our regular programming. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. it's interesting what peter barns said from washington and that was that in the two months running up to the election, now there apparently have been revisions for september and october. 50,000 fewer jobs were created than reported by the federal government. that's curious. >> brian: now to your headlines. they're accused of aiding terrorists and plot to go use weapons of mass destruction. they will come face-to-face with a judge in florida. authorities say the brothers from pakistan gave money, housing and other support to terrorists planning an attack of
5:35 am
weapons of mass destruction. >> steve: meanwhile, pot smokers in washington state can now breathe a puff of relief. that's because they are now allowed to light up legally for the first time without getting a ticket or getting a citation or being arrested. vote increase that state early in november overwhelmingly pushed through a bill legalizing the possession of marijuana, small amounts, putting the state law in direct contrast with the federal law. what are they going to do? stay been for that. >> gretchen: lawmakers can't make deal on the fiscal cliff, but they took the time to vote on removing the word lunatic in federal law. 399 lawmakers voted. republican congressman louis gohmert was the only congressman who voted no. >> not only should we not eliminate the word lunatic when the nation is on the brink of bankruptcy, we ought to use the word to apply to anybody who wants to keep doing business as usual in washington. >> gretchen: the bill aimed at reforming language about the
5:36 am
mentally ill. >> steve: meanwhile, the senate also made a joke out of the future of our economy. senate majority leader harry reid compares republicans to the new york jets quarterback dilemma. harry? >> coach ryan, he's got a provincial he has three quarterbacks. sanchez. he's got a tim tebow, a guy named mcilroy. he can't decide who their quarterback is going to be. that's the same problem republicans are having. >> steve: meanwhile, on the other team, mitch mcconnell firing back quickly at harry. >> no doubt about who the quarterback is on the democratic side. quarterback on the democratic side is the president of the united states. and unfortunately, he keeps throwing interceptions. and moving backward and backward and backward. >> steve: in case missed it, mark sanchez will be the starting quarterback fort jets this week. brian, over to you.
5:37 am
>> december 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy. >> gretchen: 71 years ago marks the anniversary of the attacks on pearl harbor. during that time, our next guest was just a college student. he closed his books, packed his bags and headed off to fight for his country. fly for his country, and bomb for his country. world war ii veteran and author of this book "a wide place in the road," richard joins us now. welcome. >> pleasure to be here. >> brian: 89, you look reich 59. fdr, you remember him making that speech? >> yes, indeed. >> brian: what did you think when he was talking? >> well, the thing about it was america at that time was very -- nobody wanted to go to that war.
5:38 am
>> brian: your dad fought in world war one. he said forget about it! >> it was a shock that morning when i was a newspaper boy, i ran a newspaper group in the mountains and inn a model a ford. and i opened the papers that morning and i see that big black letters that says januaries bomb peril harbor. oh, oh the world has just changed. and it did change. >> brian: you dropped out of school. no more art major. you became a fighter pilot. >> i became a fighter pilot and i went to the southwest pacific. flew 103 plat missions. through with america's ace of aces. and i did my thing over there. >> brian: you also say you were the wing man for charles lindbergh. >> yes, i did fly on his wing on one occasion. >> brian: how does a -- what goes through a young man's mind at 19, 20, when the japanese bomb pearl harbor and we go into military war footing.
5:39 am
you go from an artist to attacker. what goes through your mindset? >> we were all shocked about what happened when they dropped the bomb and so i had lots of plans and i thought, my plans were gone up in smoke. that's all. our country has been attacked. and i was like all my friends. we all went down and signed up. we're going over there and fight the war. >> brian: you said to me that i almost feel bad for the guys fighting now. you knew what you had to do then. it was kill the enemy. and now we seem to have blurred that line and made it so much harder to fight a war in america. >> it's a different ball game. i don't understand it, frankly. we knew who our enemy was and you had to destroy the enemy. that's the name of war. it's hell, as they used to say, but that's the way it is. you have to go after the enemy. you have to kill him. i can't imagine how a guy can be fighting a war when somebody is telling him oh, you can't shoot
5:40 am
him. doesn't make any sense. >> brian: it doesn't. you know what does make sense? it's such an honor to have you come in and talk about that day that meant so much to america, but it's stuck in the history books and in your book. but you bring it to life by talk being what it meant to you. >> thank you. i appreciate that. i had that in my mind for some time. i have written a number of books and finally i said the greatest story really here is the one i wrote, "the wide place in the road." it is the story of that era before the war and young people growing up in a little community in california in mountains, war comes along. lives are changed forever. we all go to war. it's a great story. i'm confident that many people will enjoy it. >> brian: and i'm confident that you can tell it and write about it. thanks so much. it was great for you to come in. thanks so much, richard kirkland and for your service. >> thank you. pleasure to be here. >> brian: same here. next up, ever given a bad review on-line? you may want to think twice.
5:41 am
one woman was just sued for it. what you need to know. and it's the most popular dance on the planet, gangam style. so hot, even your grandma is doing it and they're doing it live on "fox & friends." first let's check in with clayton who refuses to dance for a very good reason. he doesn't want to. >> i would if only you would allow me. you would be really embarrassed for me. >> brian: no dance clause in your contract. >> exactly. use a credit card? we'll talk about this thank this week. if go over the fiscal cliff, you could be in some serious trouble. we'll tell you and explain that. and the dare program. supposed to be teaching kids about the dangers of drugs. but now they're not going to be talking about pot anymore. why? they say it's just going to want to make the kids smoke more? is that true? workout glam. check out your screen here. think those two words don't go well together? glam and working out? ali will try to prove you wrong in the very first workout she's ever done in her life. "fox & friends" this weekend.
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>> steve: we're going to talk about opinion blogs in just a minute with the guy there. a doctor who watered down chemotherapy drugs and used old needles will learn her fate today. she pleaded guilty in july to the multi million dollar fraud scheme. her billing and office managers also going to be sentenced. and giselle and tom brady are proud new parents this morning. the boston globe reporting the couple has named their daughter vivian. she is the second child for the couple together. >> gretchen: no doubt a stunner. have you ever written a negative review on-line for a bad experience you may have had? well, this next story may
5:46 am
surprise you. >> brian: got a virginia woman being sued by a contractor she hired after posting a one star scathing review on the web site, yelp. she claims the contractor failed to do the job she hired him for, but he says that's not true. now he claims her review is costing him business. >> steve: joining us now with more is lawyer steven sack. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: also this woman said that the contractor damaged her house and stole her jewelry. >> yeah. that was the kicker, i think. when you impugne someone being a criminal or committing a crime rises to the level of a problem. >> steve: if you just say, this guy came in and he did, in my opinion a lousy job, that's okay >> the whole key for everyone to remember is that the internet is a wonderful tool. but it's a legal trap. the minute you put something in writing, the genie is out of the bottle and your words have meaning. and depending on what the reasonable person interprets those words to be, they can be
5:47 am
actionable as defamation or they can be an opinion. so that's where it begins. >> brian: remember what happened to major nelson when he opened up that genie in the bottle. it was nothing but trouble. >> gretchen: so what you're doing is breaking it down between opinion and accusations? >> well, no. opinion and a statement of fact. then it has to rise to the level of defamation, which is a harm to one's reputation. certain words have -- like when you say someone a criminal, or they're going bankrupt or they're financially unstable, or a woman sexually -- >> steve: molested? >> all kinds of things that the law implies are actionable. >> gretchen: does the contractor have a case is this. >> certainly he has a case to sue her. the question is are the words true? did it really happen? truth is an absolute defense. but in most situations, what people don't understand is that even to defend yourself from such a lawsuit could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.
5:48 am
>> steve: this contractor is now suing her and says i did 150% of the job and i did not steal jewelry. so he wants $700,000 from her. >> let me tell you, it's not surprising. i currently represent a woman who wrote an opinion, so she thought, on-line. but she stated and actually pretended she was not the competitor, which she was, she was a customer, who had gone to this other business and purchased a product that was shoddy. okay? she got a lawyer's letter. guess what? what do you think the lawyer asked for in damages just to start the negotiations? $100,000 and $100,000 in punitive damages claiming was malicious. okay? bottom line is, i offered 5,000, they laughed. i mean, the case is in litigation. >> steve: opinion is okay. but if you state it as fact, you're in trouble. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> brian: good job, steve. >> gretchen: coming up, you know what we're going to do?
5:49 am
some grannies are going to dance gangam style. it's a new craze. they're live in arizona. senior citizens learning all the moves coming up next. >> steve: part of our gangam is bill hemmer who joins us every day. >> as you are correct yet again. thank you. happy friday, all three of you. breaking news on the economy. breaking news on this earthquake followed by a tsunami. updates on both. will syria use chemical weapons? the clock is running on this. ambassador john bolton addresses that. and the latest state to make a major challenge over unions. martha and i will see new ten minutes. busy friday morning. see you at the top of the hour [ roasting firewood ] ♪
5:50 am
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♪ ♪ . >> gretchen: madonna is doing it, the cast of "glee" is going to do it and countless other celebrities have gone gangam style. now a group of phoenix retire es are get not guilty on this phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. you've been watching them get down gangam style all morning. now let's talk to their teacher, health and fitness coordinator of the terraces of phoenix, neil, and phoenix resident there, betsy schultz. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: now, betsy, i understand that this was your idea. where did you see the gangam style dance and what did you say to neal. >> i saw it on tv by accident. a couple of times i thought that is so cool. and has such a neat beat that i think we should do it in exercise class. so i told aneil that let's try it. she hadn't heard of it. she looked into it and found
5:54 am
this dance step. that's how we learned. >> gretchen: akneel, you teach classes at this particular residence in phoenix. you seem to me to be slightly younger than some of the ladies that you're teaching. >> just slightly. >> gretchen: 'cause betsy got you on this one. she knew about gangam style before you did. why didn't you know about it? >> that is correct. they are a lot more hip and cooler than i am. i did not see it on tv. >> gretchen: you had to give yourself your own primer on how to do it? >> correct, yes. i didn't even know about what they were talking about. they were just saying this invisible dance horse dance song. i'm like, okay. so i had to look it up on youtube and try to figure out how to do the dance. then brought it to class. >> gretchen: all right. so now you then brought the dance to class, betsy, has it been a hit with all of your other friends who are doing this so well behind you this morning?
5:55 am
>> oh, they're just a wonderful group. these people have worked so hard on this and it's fun. we love it. >> gretchen: i am a little nervous to try some of the moves. but could you both at least just show me the arm movement. let me see if i can do it before you join the group. >> arm movement is like a horse. got to be nice and loose and going up and down and then we switch to a lasso and swing your arm around in a circle. that's basically the movement. try to keep going. >> gretchen: okay. i got it down! why don't you two ladies, while i'm get not guilty my exercise for the day, why don't you go back and join the group and we'll watch you groove it. >> perfect. >> thanks. >> gretchen: take it away. >> five, six, seven.
5:56 am
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5:59 am
>> gretchen: we are back with our friends, brian, steve, let me introduce you to aneil, health and fitness coordinator at the terraces of phoenix and betsy schultz, a senior resident, and they're more hip than you guys. >> brian: no doubt about it. >> steve: wh


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